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Decades of changes in doing business have put many downtowns in a declining condition. Here in Altus, we understand that the success of the downtown district affects the business economy throughout the town.  Because of that understanding, there is an ongoing effort to restore our downtown to a vibrant  level of all-day activity in a safe, attractive setting – the Main Street Altus downtown revitalization program.

Our goals are set on restoring the importance of our Main Street District.  Altus will be a place where families and friends can meet and mingle; where a wide variety of stores and restaurants will meet the needs and desires of our residents and visitors alike; and where the history of Altus is told and honored in the buildings and design of our central business district.

Partnership Brochure


Main Street Altus follows the nationally successful Main Street Four-Point Approach. The four areas where Main Street volunteers focus their downtown work are these:


Dedicated to improving the look of downtown, the design committee focuses on recognizing and restoring our downtown’s historic structures to their original appearance; guiding new downtown construction to be compatible with the traditional; improving signs, windows, and store displays for downtown streetscape, from sidewalks to greenery, from lighting to parking.


Projects in this area aid existing downtown businesses by offering information and incentives that can help expand their sales knowledge and ability. They also offer financial incentives and startup advice for new business owners.

Altus, Oklahoma Demographics

Altus, Oklahoma Key Spending Facts

Download a checklist for starting a new business here.


Volunteers in this area plan and present downtown special events and festivals designed to bring people downtown to have fun; they work with merchants on sales promotions to bring people downtown to buy more often; and they create image campaigns to attract people beyond our city limits to come in and enjoy our downtown.


In this area, volunteers publicize the work of the Main Street Program to the community at large through newsletters and other publicity; they raise funds for the program to help it accomplish its mission; and they always are looking to recruit great people as volunteers…like you!



Sidewalk Friend: $50-$99

Storefront Friend: $100-$199

Business Friend: $200-$249

Downtown Friend: $250 or More

Volunteer: PRICELESS


Chili Cook Off: $500

Candy Cane Cash: $250/$500

Walkin' on Chalk: $500

Rock-N-Rumble: $500

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